Our Junior Company

Our team consists of 12 teenagers from the GRG 19/ Bi 26. We design bracelets, as well as taking care of the production, marketing and distribution.


Our Corporate Vision is to donate half of our profit to non-profit organisations and at the same time, to delight our customers with a unique bracelet. As a wearer of our bracelet, you can choose between supporting the “ Wiener Tafel ” or the environmental organization “Atmosfair”, by buying a red or blue bracelet. 


This concept separates “Embracelet” from our competitors and puts the main focus on the donations, which comes hand-in-hand with buying our products.


As a wearer of our self-designed bracelet you signalise, that you are actively engaging in social activities or in protecting the environment.


Our brand new collection supports, with the black bracelet the “Australian Koala Foundation”, which saves koalas from the forest fires. Furthermore they take care of them until they are healthy and in a conclusion to release them back into nature. By buying our green bracelet you support the “Regenwald der Österreicher”, which buys cleared acres of rainforest in Costa Rica to afforest them.


Our Team



Flora Fuchs

Hanno von Borries


Per Rabe 

Niklas Hansen-Löve

Emily Koch


Tobias Lahner

Lisa Brezina

Production & Design

Noon Hamid

Angela Padovan


Fabian Prohaska

Niklas Hameder

Mohamed Hammad